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Continuous Thermocouple Linear Sensor | Electronic news impianti SRL

Linear Sensor

Continuous Thermocouple Linear Sensor

Over time the needs of the plants have required a technology development able to monitor the distributed temperature. The advantages of these systems is to obtain thermal profiles and to be utilized for the prevention of over temperature and fires.

Thanks to high performance and to the temperature control in real time and in a distributed manner, meter by meter, we are able to optimize production efficiency and extend the life of the plants by providing informations on the processes status.

The Continuous Thermocouple Linear Sensor is a technology capable of performing a distributed thermal control and in continuously on all over the length of the linear sensor.

Work Temperature:

  • FCT: da –29°C a 210°C (hot-spot < 400°C)
  • MCT: da –29°C a 400°C (hot-spot < 900°C)


  • Floating roof tanks
  • Skin reactor
  • Ducts

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Temperatures monitoring of the external surface reactor and generation of alarms on over temperature or in case of presence of abnormal thermal-trends compared to the standard thermal cycling caused by the failure of the refractory material.


Temperatures monitoring and fire detection of possible hot-spot caused by hot steams and information on the gasket tight.


The Linear Sensor is mounted into the perimeter of the room and directly into the electric boards. The advantage is the possibility to set a pre-alarm and an alarm to prevent the risk of fire.


Temperatures monitoring and fire detection in the entire area of the pump station or on individual machines and valves.


On all over the length of the tapes coal transport the Linear Sensor is installed in correspondence of the rollers and on to the tape to draw a thermal profile and for the prevention of fire.


In the boat the engine-room must be protected and monitored 24 a day. A problem occurring on the engine could generate enormous damages to the boat and consequently to the company itself. Our Linear Sensor can control all the temperatures distributed inside the engine and in all the mechanical gear/device to prevent any over-heating problem.


On insulated lines, where the thermal control is very important, the Linear Sensor is able to provide a thermal profile and continuously monitor the section. It is used also to monitor leakages on critical points of the section or in substations.


In tunnels, conduits and cable ducts thermal monitoring to prevent overtemperature and fires, it is an increasingly sensitive issue for the safety of the plants and their durability. The Linear Sensor is a passive element and it can be installed with power cables because it is not affected by electromagnetic charges.