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Sensors and Thermocouples | Electronic News Impianti SRL



We can create any type of thermocouple from the simplest to the most complex and we can develop specific design. We use modern methods of welding, thus extending the life of the thermocouples.

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As thermocouples also resistance thermometers have many applications. Have a high precision and a very fast response time.

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The research and development have given us the opportunity to use materials that are more resistant and performance, combined with our experience in processing have brought great results. Although these are capable of withstending pressures and high temperatures, guarantee high performances.

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Distributed system multipoint

In the petrochemical industry, there is an increasing need to determine temperature profiles accurately in demanding applications. A profitable operation often needs to maximise production and extend the time between planned maintenance activities. Thermometric multipoint system capable to measure the temperature In a distributed manner.

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To guarantee a correct reading of the monitored temperature is important to use the appropriate cables. Depending on the tools used can be used thermocouple cables, extension cables or compensation cables.

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